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ProSun is your one stop shop for all your commercial tanning,  residential tanning and red light equipment needs. Offering competitive pricing on professional quality equipment.
Direct from manufacturer pricing!


Tanning and Red Light Equipment You Can Trust

ProSun has been in the tanning business for over 35 years. We are a leading manufacturing facility of tanning, beauty and wellness equipment operating a regulated medical device facility right here in the USA. All tanning equipment is 510k registered (K181455) and manufactured in the USA - maintaining only the highest standards.

Whether your're looking for a home tanning canopy or a red light system; ProSun International has you covered. We specialize in wellness equipment with superior build quality and pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service.

Shop Featured Commercial Tanning Equipment

  • ProSun Onyx 32 • 20 Min Tanning Bed • 230V

  • ProSun Onyx 32 • 15 Min Tanning Bed • 230V

  • ProSun Onyx 28 • 20 Min Tanning Bed • 230V

  • ProSun Onyx 32 • 12 Min Tanning Bed • 230V

Shop Featured Red Light Equipment

  • RenuvaSkin L12 • 20 Min Red Light Canopy • Free Shipping

  • RenuvaSkin L32 - 120V • 15 Min Red Light Bed • Free Shipping

  • RenuvaSkin S420 220V • 15 Min Red Light Booth

Customer Testimonials

We proudly tan our customers in Luxura/Prosun tanning beds. We love your products! We’ve had the best Customer care from start to finish. Glenda, Laurie and Dave have been nothing less than Perfect! Thank you again for all your care and support!

Kelli K.

Everyone loves the beds, I get nothing but compliments on them, and like I said they’re beds that other salons don’t have. I haven’t had anyone come in and complain, they’ve been great for us. Our most popular bed is the Onyx!

Julie D.

Ordering our tanning equipment was so easy and everything is perfect. Our clients comment all the time on our beds and how nice and modern they are. We love them and would recommend ProSun to any salon seeking great beds.

Tricia M.

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