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ProSun is the tanning industry's leading manufacturer, we offer a complete line of commercial tanning beds and booths suited to help any business meet their individual needs. Combining sleek European design, innovative technology, and powerful long-lasting Pro-Tech tanning bed bulbs, our ProSun Commercial Tanning Equipment deliver superior results. Whether you’re a posh full-service salon, a salon start-up, or a fitness and wellness center ready to expand your amenities with indoor tanning, ProSun’s dynamic commercial tanning bed systems will help you steadily drive your business goals. Our representatives have over 20 years of experience helping start-up salons ,finding the right tanning bed for an upgrade or add-on, or helping you find the right equipment to create a profit center within your new or existing business.

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ProSun Onyx 32 • 20 Min Tanning Bed • 230V

ProSun Onyx 32 • 15 Min Tanning Bed • 230V

ProSun Onyx 28 • 20 Min Tanning Bed • 230V

ProSun Onyx 32 • 12 Min Tanning Bed • 230V

ProSun V3 42 • 10 Min Tanning Booth • 230V

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